Alba Whiskey Decanter



Designed by Joe Doucet, a graduate of the Art Center College of Design, this whiskey decanter’s form is both modern and minimalist. His work hybridizes function and visual appeal while conveying layers of meaning and message.

Alba in Gaelic means ‘Scotland’ and this beautiful piece of mouth blown glass gives a nod to the historical home of whiskey. The heavy glass base is hand-engraved with a deconstructed tartan pattern at its base that gives it a sense of the dramatic with the etching showing through. It carefully tapers towards the brim, holding in the subtle aromas. The decanter has a unique stopper which leans omnidirectionally.

Ideally suited to hold all types of Spirits, including: Whisky, Cognac, Brandy and Port. Available in three sizes.


SHORT: 200mm x 160mm

TALL: 110mm x 300mm

  • Hand-engraved
  • Tartan pattern
  • Heavy-bottomed
  • Carefully tapers towards brim
  • Holds in the subtle aromas

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Short, Tall

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